The office of assessment at NMSU strives to promote a positive culture and facilitate institutional commitment in order to continuously improve teaching effectiveness and student learning.

See our complete Mission, Goals & Objectives to learn more.

What is Assessment?

Assessment is the ongoing, systematic investigation of a program, unit or institution for the purpose of improvement. In the process of assessment, meaningful questions about the institution and/or programs are posed. Information is gathered to answer those questions, and intentional choices about how to develop and improve programs and/or the institution are made.

  • In learning, the question might be whether or not students possess the knowledge we believe they need to succeed, and whether he or she can apply specific knowledge to practice and behave in ways that are aligned with institutional ethics and values.
  • In operations, the question might be whether or not the services we provide are necessary and effectively contribute to the purpose and growth of the organization. We question how policies, practices, and processes impact student learning, either directly, or through the environment that is created surrounding those practices.

See our Institutional Statement on Assessment

How does assessment take place?

Assessment at NMSU happens at multiple levels across our campus and in the online environment. Specifically, NMSU identifies five levels of assessment for our campus overseen by five specialized committees. By and large, assessment is about being proactive and intentional in what we do to ensure continuous improvement.