Assessment at NMSU happens at multiple levels across our campus and in the online environment – in individual courses, across administrative offices, and including everything in between. Specifically, NMSU identifies five levels of assessment for our campus. See the Mission, Goals & Objectives for the Office of Assessment. See the distinct and complimentary roles of the Office of Assessment and the Office of Institutional Analysis.

What is Assessment?

By and large, assessment is about being proactive and intentional in what we do. It is a way of ensuring continuous improvement – a way of knowing, for sure, if what we are doing is producing the desired results. In assessment, we pose a question about our intended accomplishments, and then develop a process to measure whether or not what we intended to accomplish, was indeed accomplished.

  • In learning, the question might be whether or not students possess the knowledge we believe they need to succeed, can apply specific knowledge to practice, or behave in ways that are aligned with institutional and discipline ethics and values.
  • In operations, the question might be whether or not the services we provide are necessary and/or effectively contribute to the purpose of the organization, whether our policies, practices and processes help or hinder the effectiveness and/or efficiency of the organization in achieving goals, and for institutions of higher learning, how services, policies, practices and processes impact students and their learning, either directly, or through the environment that is created surrounding those practices.

See our Institutional Statement on Assessment