ChAMPION Program Poster:  Synopsis of NMSU's ChAMPION Program

ChAMPION Program Poster: Synopsis of NMSU’s ChAMPION Program

Poster:  Should NMSU offer a Graduate Certificate in Outcomes Assessment?

Poster: Should NMSU offer a Graduate Certificate in Outcomes Assessment? Weigh in by taking our anonymous survey.

The ChAMPION Program (CHampioning Assessment Mentors to Promote Institutional Outcomes Networks) was created to develop a cohort of institutional experts in outcomes assessment. The program includes a three-day intensive workshop in the summer, and continues with regularly scheduled face-to-face meetings and online activities during the academic year. ChAMPION participants present posters of their work on the NMSU campus and at the New Mexico Higher Education Assessment & Retention (NMHEAR) annual conference. There are two tracks for the program – a faculty track and a staff/administrator track.

Throughout the program participants

  • Examine teaching and learning and professional practices in a reflective manner
  • Document and present this examination as scholarly and professional work
  • Discover new ways to serve as professional colleagues to each other
  • Develop assessment tools
  • Assess learning and/or operational outcomes
  • Peer-review the work of colleagues
  • Engage colleagues and coworkers in their home departments in conversations about assessment
  • Present their work to the professional community at a local and state conference/workshop
  • Align outcomes/objectives within the institutional framework
    • Course assignments to course outcomes and course objectives to academic program, general education and/or baccalaureate experience objectives (faculty/administrators)
    • Unit/area goals & objectives to baccalaureate experience objectives and/or institutional strategic plans (staff/administrators)
  • Demonstrate how assessment is used for improvement

Mission, Goals & Objectives

Brief History of the Program


Specific Objectives and Outcomes for Faculty ChAMPIONs

Specific Objectives and Outcomes for Staff/Administrator ChAMPIONs

DARES Method for Documenting Assessment Practices