Student Writing Competition

ASNMSU and The New York Times work together to reward Student Writing

In collaboration with The New York Times, InEducation Division, ASNMSU sponsored a writing competition for NMSU students. All NMSU students were invited to participate.

Congratulations to our winners!
1st – Jacob Oliveira: $500 cash award
2nd – Cheryl Carroll: $100 gift card
3rd – William Weaver: $100 gift card

Entries were judged by a panel of appointed individuals. Judging criteria was the same that is used by editors of The NY Times to determine which letters will be published: Organization and clarity; original thought; incorporates your (the writer’s) background; effective use of word choice; balanced perspective; citation of the original article; structure

Entry Criteria

  1. Gain access The New York Times online by going to Passes are good for 24 hours, and can be renewed an unlimited number of times.
  2. Select an article that you would like to respond to.
  3. Review a Letter from an NMSU student O’Dette Lancy that received 3rd place in a national The New York Times writing competition in 2011. The original article to which she was responding is available here. See Ford Burkhart’s (former NYT Editor) discussion of this and other award winning letters he judged, and what made him state that Ms. O’Dette’s letter was most likely to get published.
  4. Write your letter to the editor of The NY Times, responding to the article of your choice. Letters should be 150 to 175 words in length.
  5. Deadline to submit an entry was Fri., March 20, 2015.

*$500 cash award provided by ASNMSU and resourced by the New York Times; $100 gift cards sponsored by the Office of AssessmentinEducation_Logo_4C