Course-Level Assessment

DSC_0012Course-level assessment is used by faculty to collectively assess the degree of learning achieved by students on specific desired outcomes (skills, knowledge, behaviors and/or values). Course-level assessment can be formative or summative in nature and is

  • Used at the discretion of the instructor to inform teaching
  • Inquiry based
  • Intended to help the instructor and students better understand student learning

Some faculty used embedded assessment, which uses evidence from work that students are already required to do for their graded course work. (The instructor must be careful when using embedded assessment – grades evaluate individual student progress, whereas assessment determines collective learning across a group of students and is used to inform the instructor about effectiveness of teaching. If done correctly, embedded assessment works quite well. However, because grades are often a reflection of a combination of many things, aggregating grades is not usually an effective method to assess collective learning.)

Documentation of course-level assessment provides evidence of scholarly teaching. When shared with others, course-level assessment

  • Can be used to support/provide evidence of program-level assessment
  • Informs decision-making about resource allocation
  • Provides evidence for curricular and pedagogical choice

When shared with students it

  • Provides a contextual framework for learning
  • Communicates expectations of shared responsibility for learning
  • Demonstrates intentionality of curriculum and pedagogy


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