Annual Academic Departmental Assessment of Student Learning (AADA)

Fall 2019 AADA Reporting Deadline: Tuesday, October 15th  

2018-19 Cycle Materials

AADA Reporting Instructions (2018-19 Cycle)

AADA Reporting Template (2018-19 Cycle)

AADA Feedback Rubric (2018-19 Cycle)

Upcoming Workshops 

Orientation Sessions

These sessions provide an introduction to the whys and hows of academic departmental assessment. Although designed for new department heads or assessment coordinators, anyone is welcome to attend. There will be significant time allotted for Q&A. Schedule

All sessions are held in Milton Hall (MH) 185J from 3:00 – 4:00 PM

  • Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, 2019
  • Wednesday, Sept. 11th, 2019
  • Monday, Sept. 16th, 2019


Developing program-level learning outcomes and three-year assessment plans

These workshops, presented by faculty from the AADA committee, will support departments in developing learning outcomes and assessment plans. Look for them in late fall and early spring. Specific schedule TBD.

What is Annual Academic Departmental Assessment?

Academic departmental assessment focuses on improving student learning within academic programs.  Each year, the process should involve:

  • Direct measurement of student proficiency in one or more program-level learning outcomes
  • Broad engagement of program faculty in analysis and discussion of assessment findings
  • Planning and implementing change in response findings and analysis
  • Reassessment of learning following changes made in prior years’ assessments

Annual reports on academic program assessment of student learning provide evidence to the college, the institution, external accreditors, and our multiple and varied constituents that faculty and administrators are invested in providing optimal learning experiences for our students. Documentation about how assessment practices and reflection on student learning guide curricular, instructional and administrative decision-making demonstrates intentionality and accountability to all audiences. All NMSU departments are expected to be engaged in ongoing outcomes assessment for the purposes of improved student learning.

Who Should Report?

All academic departments are required to prepare and submit annual AADA reports. Departments with both graduate and undergraduate programs are required to submit independent reports to account for the assessment of learning at the graduate level and at the undergraduate level. 

Fall 2019 reports include assessment of learning that took place during the 2018-19 academic year. Internal college deadlines may be set by the Dean of each college.  The following is a suggested annual schedule:


Additional information:

For further assistance, contact Dr. David Smith at 646-7621 or at

Summary Reports

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