General Education (GE) Assessment

GE assessment is a formative assessment of student learning, particularly (but not exclusively) identified with and cultivated in lower-division GE courses. GE assessment is used to inform the institution broadly and GE instructors specifically about learning across the GE curriculum, which is often interpreted to include the freshman and sophomore years.

State Common Core

GE objectives for learning are guided by statewide agreed-upon criteria that are articulated in five (5) areas of New Mexico’s State Common Core (SCC): Communication, Mathematics, Lab Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities. Courses approved by statewide committees for inclusion in the SCC the must address agreed-upon learning objectives (criteria) and are articulated for GE course credit at all institutions of higher education across the state.

NMSU has articulated comprehensive GE learning objectives that encompass the SCC learning objectives, and that also align to our learning objectives for the Baccalaureate Experience. See our alignment of learning objectives.

NMSU reports an assessment of GE (SCC) annually to the New Mexico Higher Education Department (HED) and to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) as part of our institution’s regional accreditation.

For information on proposing courses for GE certification or recertification, go to General Education Course Certification Committee

Annual Reports