Announcement: WEAVE will no longer be used for assessment reporting.

Information on new reporting mechanisms will be posted shortly to the Departmental Assessment page


Date:     January 8th, 2018

We are discontinuing our use of the WEAVE online assessment reporting system effective January 26th, 2018. The system has served as our assessment reporting platform for the past three years. 

This decision is in response to feedback collected from WEAVE users across campus that indicated widespread dissatisfaction with the system. WEAVE will be replaced by a SharePoint-based mechanism for reporting and document management that I believe will provide more flexible and effective support for our learning assessment processes. This new mechanism will require minimal user training while also providing substantial cost savings to NMSU when compared with WEAVE.

Preservation of WEAVE data: Nothing is required of you for preservation of WEAVE data. Over the next two weeks, the Office of Assessment will generate editable versions of each department’s completed assessment reports from the last three assessment cycles. These documents and other supporting documents that you uploaded to WEAVE will be available to you through the Assessment SharePoint site. Please note: the WEAVE system will be inaccessible to NMSU users after January 26th, 2018.

Assessment Reporting for 2017-18 Cycle: As in previous assessment cycles, every academic department will be expected to submit at least one report each for its undergraduate and graduate programs that describe assessment activities during the 2017-18 academic year. Reports will be due in mid-October and evaluated specifically for effectiveness in improving student learning. Reports will be submitted as WORD or PDF documents with a choice of formatting options.

  • Departments who wish to continue reporting in a similar format as was used with WEAVE will be provided with a WORD template that mimics the current WEAVE report structure.
  • Alternatively, departments may use a report format of their own choosing. These will be submitted along with a cover page that documents briefly how and where the report satisfies a checklist of report requirements.