Mission, Goals & Objectives


To promote, facilitate and communicate a positive culture and unrelenting institutional commitment to intentional and systematic improvement in institutional effectiveness and teaching and learning.


Goal 1:

Educate and assist faculty, staff and administrators in developing assessment that uses evidence of effectiveness and learning to inform decision-making

Goal 2:

Facilitate and support both independent, integrated and collaborative assessment endeavors campus wide

Goal 3:

Advocate for institutional policies, procedures and practices that promote meaningful assessment initiatives

Goal 4:

Promote internal and external awareness of assessment initiatives implemented to improve student learning and the learning environment

Goal 5:

Monitor national trends in assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness



Objective 1:

Make decisions (about policies, practices, procedures, teaching and learning) in light of the demonstrated impact they may have on student learning (including the potential and/or realized impact on the environment such that it is conductive to learning)

Objective 2:

Continuously strive to improve learning, experiences and opportunities for learning by engaging in course, unit and program-specific assessment, as well as broadly-integrated institution-wide assessment

Objective 3:

Be mindful of internal assessment activities and the impact of those activities on our students and our campus, and is well respected by external constituencies for work done in assessment.

Objective 4:

Develop and abide by policies, procedures and practices that promote meaningful assessment

Objective 5:

Remain cognizant of national trends in assessment practices and resulting implications for our institution